Visual story telling

Have you ever wanted to tell a story? A meaningful anecdote, a past event retold, or just your feelings expressed in an artistic way? You may have thought it was too expensive or just not worth it, but this is our expertise. Here at Break Away we are passionate about stories, and we want to provide an outlet for yours to be told - whatever the reason. 

We're here to help change Story telling.

What you need to know:

We offer special pricing for personal stories.

Understanding pricing can help you understand and even formulate how you want to tell your story while ensuring it will be the cheapest you need it to be.

More shots and longer film time  = a more expensive film. If you are curious as to why, check out "Why is film so expensive".*  

So, if you know you just want to tell a quick story on camera without a lot of equipment or extra camera shots, this allows us to maintain low production costs. 

For example, if you want to talk to the camera and have film overlay your speech, this can be more along the lines of a simple recording. This in turn means a cheaper production due to limited shots and recording time.


Each story is unique and therefore each video is created on a case-by-case situation. That being said, we are flexible on pricing - we don't want your money, we want your story to be told. However, owning a business requires us to charge so we can continue to tell your stories. If you're willing to work with us, we're willing to work with you!

Contact us with your ideas and choose a category of film below for a rough estimate. Or, we'd love to arrange an opportunity to meet with you in person. 


Documentary style

Everything you would expect in a documentary. Full filming of your story. Extra locations filmed as reference. Due to the possibility of size and time, documentaries may be limited.


Ever wanted to talk to the camera about a specific topic? A one-on-one camera with quality audio can help.

Rhyme/Music video

This is not a studio recording for music. However, if you already have the audio tracks then we can develop a visual music video to bring your songs to life.

Full Story

You'll have a full story, almost shot in a film format. This includes speech overlay/filming, with B-Roll (overlaying film). Depending on the production, this can be time and resource consuming.

If a topic is not represented, be sure to describe it in detail and e-mail us over at Contact.