Budget-FRIENDLY films to promote your business

Business Story

In today's business market, having an online presence of some sort is a near-necessity. Not only do online sales continue to gain traction, but internet marketing has begun to lead the way as the most effective and wide-reaching form of drawing in new clients and customers. 

We tailor each and every video to the needs of our clients. We know business film. This means that we take into account your budget. Your company might not be able to encompass a full-scale production, and we understand this. Each project is unique which is why we offer a brief overview of two standard packages, please contact us with details for a better understanding.

Simple Package

A quick turnaround, a simple interview, a special event highlight reel - these are more of what fit into a simple package. Simple packages have a greater chance of qualifying for a day rate rather than breaking down each expense.

This has a quicker turn around time.

Example setup but not limited to:

Normally one location, with a Single camera. Audio is not necessary or music is not needed

We take care of professional lighting and audio with each set up at no additional cost. 

Please head over to contact to e-mail or call us with specifics.


Complex Package

This package is intended for projects where you, the client, already have an idea in mind (or need help finalizing) that we can help you bring to life. 

Depending on the film, typically these have a longer turn around time due to the complexity of the projects.

Example setup but not limited to:

One or Multiple locations, multiple camera angles and multiple shots to make one cohesive video.

Please head over to contact to e-mail or call us with specifics.