David Perault

Filmographer - Veteran

I can remember watching war films as a kid, and I discovered two things. One, I wanted to be a soldier just like anyone else, more specifically, my dad. And two, film had a lock on me. My father and I went to the movie theater as often as possible while growing up, and I continued this hobby as an adult. Eventually, filming would turn into one of my passions.

After 9-11, I wanted more than anything to do my part in defending our country. In 2008, I fulfilled this wish and by the grace of Jesus Christ, some years later, returned home after supporting Operation Enduring Freedom to Afghanistan for the full year of 2014.

After returning home, I could have found any mundane job to pay the bills, OR, and I think it is the better of the decisions, I could combine two of my passions: film and the support of America. Now this may seem dramatic, but I believe in America, and after deploying I know what it feels like to be the backbone of an operation. I want to make film and help businesses and individual citizens - what I believe is the the true backbone of America.

This is My story.

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