Previous filming projects

 We work closely with our clients - their preferences, style, and boundaries - to make each product unique. Please keep in mind individual parameters of each client when viewing client films.

If there is a certain style of video you have seen and liked on the internet, feel free to ask us about it and send us an external link for reference. 

Vanderbilt University

One of three videos created from a series surrounding TEAM SCIENCE located on Vanderbilt University in support of IREX. 

Torch Technologies

Two videos highlighting the Capabilities (function), Culture (Employees), and Corporate (Company information) of Torch Technologies.

Business Story Example

ASCEND Conference

Gaylord OPRYLAND Hotel


ASCEND is a conference that takes place annually in order to help facilitate and educate agencies on changing ACA standards. This video is a summary of the event. 


Music Video Example

Worship Band Music Video

Written and performed by: Nathan Akers, Kelsie Feltman, Bobby Myers and Ben Hayes

Video recorded, directed and edited by: BreakAway Story

Recorded at: Vurban Records 2016 -


Personal Story Example



A Personal Story film, this video reflects a piece written by Ben Goins.

Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU)

Filmed for the Graphic Design department at MTSU. We worked very closely to capture the core of their program for incoming freshman and/or students wishing to change majors.